Customer Testimonials

In the Spring of 2015 my wife and I decided to sell our home and take on the totally new adventure of building a new home. We were beginners, having never taken part in new home construction before. With solid recommendations offered to us from two separate sources, we contacted Mark and Sherrie Klein as a first step in this new construction process. While the first step, this would also prove to be our smartest step in the process.

From the point of our first contact, Sherrie and Mark were friendly, accessible and eager to be helpful in any way possible, having purchased a lot for our new home, Sherrie initially offered that she and Mark could meet us at our lot to look it over and offer suggestions about the style of home that would work well with the lot. After viewing the lot together they spent close to two hours with us until we could not think of more questions to ask. This type of involvement and support from the two of them was a consistent trademark of their work with us from the very beginning to past the point where we took possession of the finished home. My wife and I were very appreciative of their friendly manner, accessibility, guidance, and responsiveness to hundreds of questions over the next few months.

The digging for the footings of our new home began on August 26, with a 90-day completion projected. We had wished to offer our own ideas regarding design and floor plan for the house, and received exceptional (and patient) support from Mark and Sherrie through that process. The concern for the quality of workmanship exhibited by the Klein’s was immediately apparent and present through out construction. My wife and I both were impressed with the quality of work and friendliness of the subcontractors utilized by the Klein’s as well. This was especially evident and important to us as we were typically visiting the building site once or twice a day, being fascinated with watching this development of a new home unfold.

We took possession of our new home on November 23. We have now been in the home for about 2 months, and I don’t think we could be any happier with the final product. We learned a lot during this very complex process, due in large part to the impressive accessibility and collaboration offered to us by the Klein’s. We are extremely pleased with the process of home design they guided us through and the quality of workmanship they and the various subcontractors have provided. While impressed with them as builders of fine homes, as we got to know them better we became even more impressed with them as people. Others we have met through the course of this process who have had previous professional contacts with the Klein’s have all offered similarly glowing appraisals of their reputation.

My wife and I wish to thank you, Mark and Sherrie, for the opportunity to work with you and get to know you. You made what could be a very intimidating and maddening project into something we enjoyed and will fondly remember. For any friends, family members, or acquaintances that might be considering building a new home, we will not hesitate to encourage them to contact you.

Randy & Kathy
— 2016

We wanted to build a patio home that was custom built, one that had distinguishable features and was not mass produced. We met with Mark & Sherrie Klein and soon realized they would be a good fit for what we were looking for.

Before we bought our lot and before we started the building process, Mark & Sherrie met us at the site to make sure the lot was suited for a patio home and would meet our needs. They listened to what we wanted and were honest, forthcoming and informative about the building process (including building codes and the sequence of the building process).

Whenever we had a question or concern, we received an answer promptly - in many cases within minutes after emailing! The sub-contractors that they hire know their business, are highly qualified, efficient and hard working people.

Notable qualities for Mark & Sherrie’s family business include: Quality workmanship, excellent value, outstanding communication during the building process, and ease of working with them.

We are very pleased with our patio home & would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering building a home.

They are a knowledgeable hard working family business that has good reason to take pride in their custom homes.

Arnie & Betty
— 2015

After we had a bad experience with a previous builder many years ago; we did our homework and heard very good things about Klein Builders. They were very reassuring. Good communications. Great listeners. Worked tirelessly to make what we wanted a reality.

They are extremely patient. Cared so much about quality. Refreshing to do business with someone who treated us like they would want to be treated.

Excellent TEAM. We moved into our new home remarkably clean and we are beyond happy. We cannot say enough positive things about them. Have Klein Builders build your house, they will exceed your expectations.

Terry & Diane W.
— 2015